Monday, May 19, 2008

The Future of SHI’s Special Collections

I wanted to let everyone know that we will be opening a new research facility for SHI’s Special Collections Research Center within the next few months. Construction is already underway to build our new facility. For patrons this new facility will host a more accommodating research area or Reading Room, which consists of a room for patrons to come in and sit down at a workspace, obtain computer access, and conduct research by using our materials. We plan to use the Reading Room to host other small educational events as well. The move to the new facility is especially great for Special Collections because we are getting more storage space for our growing collection holdings. As for location, our new Reading Room will remain on the third floor of the Sealaska Building, but move to the east end of the building. All in all, this is a great improvement whereby we hope to better serve our patrons. Announcements about when the project is near completion will be posted. Thanks.


Daniel said...

Congratulations on getting more storage space and an upgraded reading room. Please considering doing some grand opening tours when your new facilities are ready!

SHI Archivist said...


Thanks for posting. Yes, I plan on inviting people to come by check out the new place, and host a few meetings here. I really want people to use our materials and for SHI Special Collections to become involved with the community. I'll be hosting some library meetings, and letting other staff use the Reading Room to showcase SHI's programs, and a few other things. In short, we are pleased and excited to have this new addition. Keep watching the blog and I'll post info about when construction is done. Thanks again!