Monday, May 7, 2012

Thoughts from a student about SHI’s internship program

SHI, as part of a recent IMLS Enhancement Grant aimed at documenting SHI's Tlingit language recordings and in partnership with UAS, offers an internship program aimed at increasing the number of Native archivists and museum curators. Recent language-emphasis intern Nae Tumulak passed along these thoughts about her experience:

“I didn't originally know that SHI offered an internship like this during the semester. I went to Lingít class one day, and to my surprise I was told that my name had been submitted for the opportunity. I was honored! After meeting with Zach, hearing that I would be listening to Lingít nearly all day, I felt like I had found my dream job. It has been exciting to learn exactly where I am in my language learning. When I understood what was being said, I felt so accomplished and proud. When I didn't quite get it, it pushed me to try to figure it out! It was a win-win all around for me. What I especially loved about my time at SHI, was that I was able to listen to my great-grandma and namesake, Annie George, for the first time. I got to hear the "old-timers" from Yakutat, where my mom's family comes from. That is something that I will never let go.”

If you are interested in participating, contact Zachary Jones at by clicking here.

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