Thursday, June 14, 2012

Historic Picture of the Day from SHI Archives

This historic photograph, taken in the summer of 1895 at Juneau, captures a view of what was known as Juneau Indian Village, sometimes referred to by non-Natives at the time as the Ranch or Rancherie (as the original photographer’s writing denotes). At this time a number of Tlingit people lived in the Juneau Indian Village, though some also lived at Auk Village and on Douglas Island. The Juneau Indian Village was located in the vicinity of where the Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall (formerly known as the ANB Hall) now stands, along Willoughby Ave and Village Street in Juneau. The shoreline has since been filled in with mining tailings, altering the geography and coastline of the area. This photograph was marketed and sold in a set of historic views of Southeast Alaska to tourists.

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