Monday, June 17, 2013

SHI 2013 Visiting Scholar to research sustainable eco-tourism businesses

SHI welcomes our 2013 Visiting Scholar, Paphaphit Wanasuk of Oxford University, who is studying toward an MSc in Environmental Change and Management. She is conducting research for her master dissertation project, entitled “Can sustainable eco-tourism businesses be realized through local social entrepreneurship in Alaska Native communities, and if so how?” The goal of this research is to assess if a pathway to the sustainable eco-tourism businesses through social entrepreneurship approach can be achieved in Alaska. The theory of sustainability will be used to develop sustainable eco-tourism business practices in which she plans to extend the interpretation of sustainability concept with a bioregional and cultural perspective. Furthermore, she is also interested in researching the collaborative, networked social enterprise initiatives among tribes, corporations and local businesses to achieve optimal benefits from indigenous tourism in the region to enhance the sustainability and cultural diversity values. (Abstract) (Letter of Invitation)

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