Thursday, June 3, 2010


Seven artists have taken top awards at the fifth Sealaska Juried Art Competition in Juneau for best contemporary and traditional Native art.

The winners, chosen by juror David Boxley, an internationally recognized Northwest Coast Native artist, are:

Traditional Art

Best of Show- “Tlingit Helmet” by Wayne Price
1st Place- “Copper Child” by Lily Hudson
2nd Place- Untitled Ravenstail Weave by Shgen George
3rd Place- “Spruce Root Hat” by Merle Anderson
Contemporary Art

Best of Show- “Cedar Bark Hat Box” by Merle Anderson
1st Place- “Crisco Berry Surprise” by Corey Stein
2nd Place- “Cycle of Life” by Chloe French
3rd Place- “Raven and the Beauty of Eagle Spirit” by Lance Twitchell

Twenty other artists also were chosen to exhibit their work in the show. Those artists included:

Anna Ehlers
Calvin Morberg (Honorable Mention)
Catherine "Kitty" Young
Clara Haley
Deborah Head (Honorable Mention)
Dolly Garza (Two Honorable Mentions)
Harmony Hoss
Kathy Polk (Two Honorable Mentions)
Lani Hotch
Malcolm Miller (Two Honorable Mentions)
Michael Beasley (Honorable Mention)
Mike Dangeli (Honorable Mention)
Myles Edgars (Honorable Mention)
Opal Olsen
Pauline Jim (Honorable Mention)
Preston Singletary (Honorable Mention)
Ralph Wolfe
Ray Peck
Richard Beasley (Honorable Mention)
Vivian Benson (Honorable Mention)
Twelve-year old Patrice DeAsis also was singled out for an Encouragement of Recognition mention for her entry, a Chilkat weaving.

Images of these art items can be viewed by clicking here.

Best of Show, traditional winner Wayne Price said the wood for his Tlingit War Helmet came from an alder tree that knocked out the power in Juneau for half a day.

“That wood has had 25-thousand volts go through it, and it didn’t crack when I carved it. So it really had a really good start,” Price said.

Corey Stein took first place for contemporary art for her beadwork, and said the award came at the right time.

“Sometimes you need that self esteem pat on the back really bad and the timing for me was perfect. I really needed this,” Stein said.

Lily Hudson took first place for traditional art for her Chilkat weaving, which her small daughter will wear in the Toddler Regalia Review.

“The competition was really intense. I shouldn’t be surprised at the caliber of work that's in the show, but man I’m keeping company with amazing artists,” Hudson said.

Their work will be on exhibit at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center through June 27. Some of the pieces are available for purchase.

SHI founded the competition in 2002 to promote the development of Southeast Alaska Native arts. The goals of the Juried Art Show are:

-To encourage and enhance the creation and production of Southeast Alaska Native objects of artistic value which have fallen into disuse and are becoming rare.

-To stimulate and enhance the quality of artistic work among our Native artisans.

-To encourage the development of new forms of art of purely Southeast Alaska Native form and design.

To ensure an objective judging process, the names of the artists were not included with the photos of objects viewed during selection.

Sealaska Heritage Institute is a Native nonprofit founded by Sealaska Corp. in 1980 to administer the corporation’s cultural programs. The mission of the Institute is to perpetuate and enhance Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian cultures.

CONTACT: Rosita Worl, SHI president, 463-4844

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