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100 Years of Alaska Native Brotherhood

Next year will mark the 100 year anniversary of the founding of the Alaska Native Brotherhood (ANB). For the first half of the 20th century, ANB and its partner organization, the Alaska Native Sisterhood (ANS – founded 1926), were at times the only organizations representing Native and civil rights in Alaska. ANB and ANS were also some of the first organizations fighting for land claims in Alaska. ANB claims to be the oldest still practicing Native organization in the United States.

Photo Credit: Group photograph of ANB/ANS members at the 1954 Grand Camp Convention, Juneau. Photograph attributed to William L. Paul, Jr. PO064: Item 3, Sealaska Heritage Institute.

The accomplishment list of ANB and ANS is long, but some of the main accomplishments credited to the organizations are: voting rights for Alaska Natives prior to the Citizenship Act of 1924, civil rights reform such as the Anti-Discrimination Act of 1945, land claims extinguishment efforts leading to ANCSA, and societal reform such as improvement of health care, education, and other social safety nets for Alaska Natives.

According to the international library catalog, Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) contains the largest collection of ANB records in the world. These papers are open to the public for research and educational purposes. While SHI contains few historical ANS records, SHI hopes in the future ANS donors will contribute their historic papers to SHI to better preserve ANS and ANB’s histories.

From the historic records of ANB, SHI recently compiled a list of ANB Grand Presidents and the locations of ANB Grand Camp Conventions (a list of ANS Grand Presidents is forthcoming). This list is provided below, since SHI occasionally receives inquiries for this information. SHI seeks to promote the study of ANB and ANS’s history.

Sealaska Heritage Institute is a regional nonprofit representing the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people of Southeast Alaska. Its mission is to perpetuate and enhance Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian cultures.

List of ANB Grand Presidents and Locations
of Grand Camp Conventions, 1912-2010.
Compiled by Zachary R. Jones
Sealaska Heritage Institute Archivist

YEAR              Convention Location                           ANB Grand President

1912                Juneau                                                 Election slated for 1913
1913                Juneau                                                 Peter Simpson
1914                Sitka                                                    Peter Simpson
1915                Metlakatla                                            Peter Simpson
1916                Wrangell                                              Peter Simpson
1917                Juneau                                                 Ralph Young
1918                no convention                                       Ralph Young
1919                Juneau                                                 Ralph Young
1920                Wrangell                                              Louis F. Paul
1921                Douglas                                               Louis F. Paul
1922                Klawock                                              Andrew Hope
1923                Kake                                                   Peter Simpson
1924                Hoonah                                                Peter Simpson
1925                Hydaburg                                             Frank Price
1926                Klukwan                                              Samuel C. Davis
1927                Angoon                                                Louis F. Paul
1928                Sitka                                                    William L. Paul
1929                Haines                                                 William L. Paul
1930                Ketchikan                                             Louis Shotridge
1931                Yakutat                                                Frank G. Johnson
1932                no convention                                       Frank G. Johnson
1933                Juneau                                                 Frank Booth
1934                Saxman                                                Cyril Zuboff
1935                Wrangell                                              Cyril Zuboff
1936                Metlakatla                                            Frank G. Johnson
1937                Kake                                                   Cyril Zuboff
1938                Sitka                                                    Cyril Zuboff
1939                Sitka                                                    Louis F. Paul
1940                Klawock                                              Roy Peratrovich
1941                Hydaburg                                             Roy Peratrovich
1942                no convention                                       Roy Peratrovich
1943                Hoonah                                                Roy Peratrovich
1944                Kake                                                    Roy Peratrovich
1945                Angoon                                                Alfred Widmark
1946                Wrangell                                              Cyril Zuboff
1947                Hydaburg                                             Cyril Zuboff
1948                Sitka                                                    Cyrus Peck Sr.
1949                Klawock                                              Frank Peratrovich
1950                Craig                                                    Harry Douglas
1951                Ketchikan                                            Joseph C. Williams
1952                Hoonah                                                Joseph C. Williams
1953                Sitka                                                    Patrick J. Paul
1954                Juneau                                                 Patrick J. Paul
1955                Petersburg                                            Patrick J. Paul
1956                Hoonah                                                Mark Jacobs Sr.
1957                Kake                                                   Thomas L. Jackson
1958                Sitka                                                    Thomas L. Jackson
1959                Yakutat                                                Alfred Widmark
1960                Angoon                                                Alfred Widmark
1961                Klukwan                                              Alfred Widmark
1962                Sitka                                                    John Hope
1963                Wrangell                                              John Hope
1964                Hoonah                                                Alfred Widmark
1965                Kake                                                    Frank See
1966                Hydaburg                                             Walter A. Soboleff
1967                Ketchikan                                            Walter A. Soboleff                 
1968                Juneau                                                 Walter A. Soboleff
1969                Kake                                                   Walter A. Soboleff
1970                Petersburg                                            Richard J. Stitt
1971                Sitka                                                    Steven V. Hotch
1972                Ketchikan                                            Steven V. Hotch
1973                Wrangell                                              Frank Nelson
1974                Yakutat                                               Frank Nelson
1975                Haines                                                 Frank Nelson
1976                Hoonah                                                Walter A. Soboleff
1977                Hydaburg                                             Frank O. Williams, Jr.
1978                Sitka                                                    Frank O. Williams, Jr.
1979                Juneau                                                 Walter A. Soboleff
1980                Angoon                                                Herbert Hope
1981                Ketchikan                                             Robert Martin, Sr.
1982                Kake                                                    Robert Martin, Sr.
1983                Juneau                                                  Ronald D. Williams
1984                Sitka                                                     Ronald D. Williams
1985                Klawock                                               Ronald D. Williams
1986                Haines                                                  Ronald D. Williams
1987                Sitka                                                     Richard Stitt
1988                Juneau                                                  Richard Stitt
1989                Hoonah                                                 Richard Stitt
1990                Kake                                                    Richard Stitt
1991                Ketchikan                                            Albert Kookesh
1992                Klawock                                              Albert Kookesh
1993                Angoon                                                Dan Johnson, Jr.
1994                Juneau                                                 Ronald D. Williams
1995                Hydaburg                                             Alfred McKinley, Sr.
1996                Yakutat                                               Alfred McKinley, Sr.
1997                Sitka                                                    Richard Stitt
1998                Wrangell                                              Richard Stitt
1999                Saxman                                                Samuel Jackson
2000                Juneau                                                 Samuel Jackson
2001                Kake                                                    Richard H. Jackson
2002                Hoonah                                                Richard H. Jackson
2003                Ketchikan                                            Samuel Jackson
2004                Sitka                                                    Samuel Jackson/Ronald D. Williams
2005                Juneau                                                 Dewey Skan
2006                Hoonah                                                Brad Fluetsch
2007                Sitka                                                    Dewey Skan
2008                Ketchikan                                            Willard Jackson
2009                Juneau                                                 Brad Fluetsch
2010                Saxman                                               Willard Jackson
2011                Klawock                                              Richard Jackson
2012                Sitka                                                    Dennis Demmert

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