Monday, December 31, 2007

Processing our media and audio collection

This past month Rick Huteson, who initially served as a Sealaska Intern with SHI this past summer and who is now one of our part time student workers, has been diligently working on our media and audio collection. Huteson has been processing this collection for its first time and preparing it for public use. The collection, to be known as our Media Collection, consists of all types of media and audio materials. Huteson is labeling, storing, and generating an inventory of the collection’s contents. This will soon be posted on the web via our upcoming searchable database.

The collection includes a wide array films about Southeast Alaska Natives, basic recordings of local events about Native life, recordings of the Celebration festivals, oral history interviews (a number in Tlingit, some fairly old), SHI’s educational materials, and additional topics. These items are in the form of DVD, VHS, ¾ inch VHS, Beta recordings, cassette recordings, reel-to-reel recordings, and other more rare and special formats. Huteson’s labors on this collection will provide SHI and the general public with knowledge of our holdings and aid researchers.

As a note, those interested in viewing these materials should contact the archivist prior to arrival. Also, some of our oldest media items cannot be used because of their fragile nature and other concerns, but it’s possible to arrange a duplication of these records at the cost of the patron. SCRC is seeking to collect additional oral history recordings as well as other media and audio items. Those interested in donating items of this nature should contact the archivist. SCRC desires to preserve, protect, and make available to the public all its materials for educational purposes and document all aspects of Native life for generations to come.

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